Thursday, February 26, 2015

It helps to read the directions ...

I finally got back into trying to organize the new information gleaned in Salt Lake City when I attended #FGS2015 and #RootsTech2015 .  I spent a bit of time in the Family History Library and really found some great information.  Now, finally back home and caught up with the affairs of state, er home, I am back into #GenealogyDoOver and loaded up #Evidentia once again.  

This time, when I launched Evidentia, it started with the message that I needed to upgrade.   So I did. Things looked a bit different, but I was gung-ho into trying to figure out how to use the software and I had the step list I printed off before I went to Salt Lake.    Things made no sense,   OK, back to the Evidentia web site.   Oh, ya, I am now on version 2.2.4.   The cheat sheet I am using is for an earlier version.   The new user manual is available!!!!!  I download it.   I am old, so I print the whole 116 pages so I can go page by page and follow what I should be doing.   DANG!!  It works.   I finally got it figured out and it makes sense.

#Evidentia is going to be well used in recording evidence and evaluating it as well.   I really like that you can like derived source to an original source once you track it down.   Reminds me of Warren Bittner's spaghetti diagram only an electronic version.  

Well, back into recording info and seeing it in action.   I have old County Clerk Land Sale indexes and the actual land sale documents that need to be recorded and linked and then there are so many more things to do.

And then Week9 of #GenealogyDoOver starts up.