Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wow! I'm Missing Stuff!

As promised, I actually viewed the introduction video for #GenDetective.  It was quite well done and really gave me the information needed to start using a sample GEDCOM file.  I uploaded the same GEDCOM I have been using for FamilyTreeDNA and then hit the Analyze button.   The reports were easy to read and are simple checklists of what information (documents) should be recorded and what have not.

Based on birth location and subsequent residence reporting and death date, the program calculates which census (both state and federal) the ancestor should have appeared in and reports back.

All in all, it was quick and easy to use.   I only uploaded through my 2nd great grandparents and only my direct line, but I have a great deal of hope for using this for other "clumps" of my database.  I cannot see uploading the entire database of 40,000+ records and then trying to generate reports.   At least, not until I have done a lot more work.

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