Thursday, August 14, 2014

It will never happen to me ....

Just got back from my parents' house in #Downriver #Detroit.   This was the first day I could get there after the #RainCausedFloodsOf2014 hit Detroit and flooded all of the roadways.   A number of freeways were under 14 to 15 feet of water.   I kept reading on FaceBook about the streets and homes in my old home town being flooded and I was really concerned about my parents' home.  I have been cleaning the house out after my father's death, so there were no records or photos or other critical heirloom objects down in the basement - but, there were a couple of months ago.   We really need to think about what kind of media we store and how and were we store it.    My parents' have had that house for 65 years and the basement has never flooded.   But, there could have been a first time.   This was supposed to have been the largest storm to hit the are in recorded weather keeping.  

So, think about all your stuff and where it is kept.   I know I intend to rethink a lot of what I have and what I will be bringing in from my parents' home.

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