Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Time, Time, Time -- I want to find more time

Why can't I find time to go back in time to find my ancestors?   It seems that both life and death are getting in the way.   I never really understood the demands placed on the poor Executor of an estate until I had to become one as my father didn't quite pack everything up into the family trust and now I get to go around the Probate pole.   I am fortunate that I have a lawyer that moves things along and there is not a lot of wait time -- but then I could use some time.   Creating an inventory of possessions that need to be divided among family members and trying to identify where each of the treasures originated is really time consuming.

So, if you have a number of family #heirlooms be sure that there is a record of their origin that someone (your next of kin) can find when you are gone.   Otherwise, it is anyone's guess and your children just might toss out great grandma's rocker that if they had only known.    And if you think sharing this information with your children though they years as they are growing up is all that is needed, WRONG.  You might get lucky and one of them remember what each of the items are, but there is no guarantee that is the one that is going to sort though your stuff.   #WRITE IT DOWN! #MAKE IT FINDABLE!

Just a side note.   Make sure you store the SIGNED copy of your will with in a bank safe deposit box that your executor has access to enter. Do not get fancy and stash it where no one can find it.   A copy of the will that says signature on file is worthless.

#end of rant Tuesday

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