Monday, December 29, 2014

Hope Your Relative is Dead

That is one of my favorite quotes from presentations by Dr. Deborah A Abbott ( #DeborahAbbott) - always hope that your ancestor is dead, because then you might find a record of them.   The recently announced Michigan Probate Records (#MichiganProbateRecords) being available on got me hoping to find my great grandfather's probate records.  He died in 1929 in Wayne County which is one of the last years that is loaded for that county.   No luck!!   Then I looked at Oakland County.   The first year loaded was just a couple of years prior to my great great great great grandfather's death.   Now, there is no index to the images.   So, being a good mathematician, I applied a binary search process.   BINGO!!!  I found the Probate Record.   A new piece of gold.  

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