Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Not to get all techie, but ....

I have just downloaded a couple of new pieces of software that I find interesting.   One I have used and one I intend to start using tomorrow.   The one I have used is called GenScriber #GenScriber and it is #FreeGenealogySoftware .  This is a wonderful tool.  It allows you to pull in a jpg of a document (i.e. census sheet) downloaded from #FamilySearch, etc. and had templates for the fields available by year.  The image can be magnified as needed to make out the enumerators handwriting.   Once completed, the work can be saved as a CSV file.  The information can also be exported as a pdf among other formats.   I found this to be a great tool.  Much easier than trying to write the information down on a form while looking at the screen.

I have one #ImprovementSuggestion and that is to have the ability to enter the census header information as well as the line item information.   Other than that, I find #GenScriber to be a nice addition.  Thank you #DickEastman for the article on the software!

Now for the second piece of software, #Evidencia.   As I said, I have not started to use it yet, but I am a bit perturbed with the vendor since they sent me an email to sign up for a class on how to use the software.   When I click on the sign up button,it takes me to a page on their web site that says there are no events.   Really bad form.   If there is nothing to offer, do not sent out an offer!!


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