Sunday, December 14, 2014

Must Keep Digging, Sometimes More Than Dirt Appears

I decided to document my search for my great great grandfather, Ezra Peter Koontz.  I had very sketchy information and I wanted to get my To Do list ready for when I am in Salt Lake City at #FGS2015RootsTech Conference.   I knew that my great grandfather, his son, was born in Indiana and that great grandpa was a cabinet maker (there are still items he made in the family).   But, little was ever said about his father and mother.   Well, dig and dig some more -- using variations on names -- great grandpa's name was unusual, Casimer, but he claimed it was really C.P.  Then I tried  g-g grandpa as Ezra, as Ezra Peter, and as Peter.   Then, looking for either of Ezra's wives -- the man made this easy, they were both named Mary Ann.   BINGO!   Found Esra, Mary Ann and son Casimer.   And his occupation was cabinet and chair maker.  What a find!!!   But, now I have to find more and know more about him.

Happy Trails to me!!

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