Saturday, September 5, 2015

1880 Census Records Posted to Lost Cousins

Yesterday, I discovered the website,  I entered the 1880 US Census information for my ancestors into that application.   Each household was entered as a separate entity.   Each was entered as it was written on the Census form --- the application allowed for override to correct the Census Taker's spelling of the names or recording of the ages.   For each family member in the household, I recorded their relationship to me -- direct ancestor or blood relation.   For the direct ancestor, I needed to indicate their relationship via Ahnentafel code.   Luckily, they make a blank Ahnetafel chart available so that I could determine the code to use.   

Once entered, clicking the SEARCH button causes the application to do a quick edit.  It caught that my great grandfather was reported in two separate households in the 1880 census and that in his father's household there were two children with similar names of the same age.   Both were correct.  All I had to do was confirm these items as being correct.  

Now I wait to see if any of the descendants of my ancestors also post to this site.  The only US Census entries that are available are 1880 and 1940.   The other census options are for Canada and the UK,   Since my ancestors, even those that started out from England, were in North America long before 1880, I could not avail myself of these options.

The site boasts of (as of today, 7 September 2015:

  • 99, 502 members
  • 2,584,365 relatives entered
  • 116,482 relatives matched
So, #Jenks, #Koontz, #Shaul, #Weaver, #Tobias, #Gardner, #Dagan, #Lee, cousins get busy!!

#LostCousins  #Genealogy

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