Sunday, September 6, 2015

MyHeritage - Indirect Related via Mary E Weaver [Wood]

Mary E Weaver, born Wood, appears under the heading of being in the Generation of my Great-Grandparents (Lemuel and Effie Clarissa [Lee] Weaver) and is designated as my cousin's wife, twice removed.   By use of the extensive Name Index, I was able to find that Mary was the wife of James Henry Weaver, son of William Powell and Catherine Elizabeth [Deaver] Weaver.  Again, all source footnotes point to the same web site, footnote #49.  This is already on my To Do list for a future review.   But, of what this gives a good indication is that I have a cousin in the Weber/Weaver family also doing genealogy with whom I can collaborate!!    

Move as this progresses.

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