Tuesday, September 8, 2015

MyHeritage - Indirectly Related via Hannah Jenks or Jenckes [Bosworth]

Fourth and final section of the Indirect Related listings.   Hannah Bosworth is reported to be my seven time great-great-aunt by marriage.   Not sure if that really makes her my eight times great aunt. Anyway, the report shows that she will appear in the generation of my Seven Times Great Grandparents.   I find her on page 59, person number 301.  Hannah married my seven times great-great-uncle, Nathaniel Miller Jencks, Esq.    There are two sources referenced in this match up.  #7 - "Bonnett Web Site" and #31 - "Jenks Web Site".  Well, I was complaining that the others were all referencing a single site and coming from the same cousin.   So, now I have multiple sites from two separate "cousins" to investigate.

More to follow as this unravels.

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