Saturday, September 5, 2015

MyHeritage - Indirect Related via Catherine Elizabeth Weaver [Deaver]

For today's review of my Genealogy Report, I have decided to start with one of the Indirect Related sections.   This one is the section attributed to Catherine Elizabeth Weaver [born Deaver].  First of all, a genealogist nightmare -- maiden name Deaver, married name Weaver.   Did someone transcribe it wrong or is that really what it?   Well, it was actually Deaver.

The section starts with the generation of my Great-Great-Grandparents.   This would be the generation of Goodlif (Gottlieb) and Anne Weaver [Lane] (Weber).  Yes, double name change.   Gottlieb Weber was born in Germany, came to North America, settled in Pennsylvania, met and married Anne Lane.   Both of his names morphed into an English equivalent of Goodlif Weaver - Gottlieb in German is God Love.

Catherine is called out as my great-great-aunt.    So, this requires me to look back into the Direct Relations section of the report to determine exactly where Catherine fits into the family puzzle.  I am able to determine that Catherine was the wife of William Powell Weaver, the brother of my great grandfather, Lemuel Weaver.

In looking over the report, MyHeritage classifies the source of the information that appears as "Highly Reliable" and footnotes a source of the originating Family File.  So, this makes a To Do entry to verify the source information defined in footnote #49.   All of this must be done BEFORE I even think about adding this group to my local database.

More tomorrow.

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