Monday, September 7, 2015

MyHeritage - Indirectly Related via Chrisopher Everett Drake

Christopher Everett Drake appears under the heading of my second cousin's husband, once removed.  He appears in the generation of my parents.  Going back to my Direct Relations section, I find Christopher married to Sarah Catherine Weaver, daughter of James Henry and Mary E [Wood] Weaver.

Again the whole line is referencing source #49, another member's pages and are classified as "Highly Reliable".   The good news with these three days of review is that all three Indirect Releated groups are from the same source.   This means one in depth plunge to determine the connection and to come up with source citations more than a member page.

The next set of Indirectly Related pages promise to be from different member files.   More cousins are interested in genealogy!

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